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Sparkle Communications is a social media training and mentoring agency based in the North East of England. We #DoDigital well and our aim is to make sure that small business owners get the same benefits from their online marketing as we ourselves do. If you want to #dodigital and need a hand choose from:

digitalplanning - we'll define your aims and objectives, who your ideal customer is and produce a 12 month, 1 month or 1 week content plan.

digitaltraining - we offer a range of training courses across all the social media platforms, google and newsletter delivery. There are many funded options available as well as bespoke 121 training for you and your team. 

digitalmentoring - designed to keep you on track! A 2 hour monthly session with follow up calls and emails throughout the month.

digitalcontent - planning it, writing it, analysing the impact of it. For newsletters, social channels, blog posts and online PR too.

Our free #GrabAnHour to work out what your business needs will leave you feeling energised, ready to go and Sparkled! Meet Nicola, our director in the video below. Its a couple of years old now but she's just as enthusiastic about digital marketing as she was when she won this award. We look forward to meeting you soon. 


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We'll help you cut through all the Digital Marketing noise and work out what you're trying to achieve for your business, put a plan in place and make sure it happens. We'll help you #DoDigital.

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