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A lot of leaders are pioneers who want to create a positive impact on the world, but they are busy in the day-to-day running of their organisation that they don’t promote what they do.

Yet they know by promoting what they do online and in the press, they could help more people, drive more revenue and create a bigger impact. 

We promote good, to do more good in the world utilising the media. 

We work with a range of brands, organisations, communities and essentially humans to share their stories. 

Creating media with meaning. 

We craft media content from the heart of the transformational work being delivered in communities.
Sharing stories which change lives, minds, and the current media landscape.

Utilising multi-platform content to help create global change.

We work with a range of brands, organisations, communities, and essentially humans to share their stories.

Are you a business or brand?

Attracting global untapped audiences for the eyeballs of your consumers through dynamic story-telling across media platforms. Communicating your brand’s core values with journalistic flair, expression and coaching if desired.

Do you have a personal story to share?

We curate, articulate, and elevate your seldom-heard story so that your voice is heard in the press, media, and online.
We also have a range of writing workshops and author webinars on offer. Go to our Coaching & Workshops for the latest events.

Are you a community, charity or grassroots organisation?

We train, coach, and champion underrepresented communities to create multi-platform media content for our publications, the mass media, and brands. As well as coaching them creative ways to share their own stories.

If you’re struggling to get featured in the media and online but don’t have time to create captivating content to reach your target audience which is also value for money…

Save time, reduce advertising costs and make an impact through our successful story-telling system.

Our Services

We help brands to share their stories in the media online, through our magazines, and in the press using powerful PR, utilising written, audio and visual content.

We also offer blog writing, influencer marketing, video production and we provide tailor-made media and digital training programmes.

Our Brands

Sparkle Communications is the PR & Marketing arm of Community Media CIC – The umbrella company behind a range of publications and community projects.


– Impact Magazine & Podcast

– Yorkshire Families Magazine

Community Projects: 

– Women’s World of Wellbeing

– Sparkle Content Creators Collaborative

– Digitally Active 

Our Magazines

Impact Magazine:

The leading voice for Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Organisations who ‘do good’

Yorkshire Families Magazine: An accessible guide to Yorkshire. Championing Communities near and far.

Our Social Aims & Projects

Women’s World of Wellbeing: Empowering women in health, wealth, fitness, and life through accessible community-driven workshops, a supportive community, and an online portal.

Sparkle Content Creators Collaborative:

Championing content, community & collaborations – Helping Influencers and Brands to Connect.

Discover top content creation tips, discover more about influencer marketing or make an impact with us if you’re a content creator.

 700 influencers work together as a supportive community, sharing skills and searching for ways to support brands to elevate their reach.

Digitally Active: Get Active, Be Creative and Stay Connected with Digitally Active.

What can you do for me?

Sparkle Communications enables brands to communicate their story through the power of the media online and offline… to reach their desired audiences and create global change.

A multi-platform approach to media coverage ensures your voice is heard beyond the scroll, connecting with your audience’s soul.

  • Content Writing: From writing your profiles and stories to blog posts and in-depth articles, all with a journalistic approach. We help you to write your media collateral, press releases, and media kits.
  • Video Production, Branded Content & Photography 
    We can create professional videos, documentaries, and photography. Enquire now.
  • Media Consultancy and Powerful PR Coaching: Bespoke training to holistically support your personal goals or your team’s mission to utilise the power of the media and your story.
    If you want to discover how to create your own content and DIY PR, head to our One-to-one Coaching & Training page now. 
  • Influencer Marketing: Connecting Brands with Influencers and media through our Sparkle Content Creators Network of nearly 800 Bloggers, Vloggers, and Social Media Stars.
  • Printing & Magazine Publishing:
    Whether you’re wanting a magazine made for your brand or marketing materials printed, go to our Community Media.
  • Digital Courses: Boss your Brand with our range of courses on demand.  Whether you want to build a YouTube channel, present videos, or learn the art of public speaking. Plus, How to get published as an Author, Start a blog, or boost your multi-platform digital confidence.

About Sophie Mei Lan

From the pain of being unheard to discovering her purpose that all voices are heard.

Sparkle Communications (Community Media CIC) is run by multi-award-winning journalist Sophie Mei Lan who has made documentaries for Channel 4 News, ITV News, and BBC as well as crafting viral multimedia content for brands and ‘Scoop of the Year’ stories for the media.

She has also created IRN short-listed commercial radio news exclusives for national and local radio. A community-campaigner turned journalist, Sophie works with seldom-heard communities, creating online platforms for unheard voices. This has led to social entrepreneur projects, publishing a range of magazines and now a full-on Community Interest Company. 

Sophie has worked for and trained extensively with the likes of Daily Mirror, BBC News, and grassroots newspapers which have given her a deep understanding of the media industry. Working from the heart of communities in the mainstream media, Sophie saw the gap between grassroots stories and the wider media industry. Sophie set about creating an enterprise that acts as a synergy between the two.   She believes that the media industry could be the key to driving positive change in the world if it could better connect with underrepresented communities working from the bottom-up.

After finding her own voice while developing a range of mental health, wellbeing, and creative communities online through her brands, she set about training others to share their own stories as well as enabling them to access a range of publications and media outlets to tell their story in the most powerful way.