Community Media & Magazines

Get involved with our magazines, learn digital content creation, journalism and communication skills.

Community Media is a bottom-up approach to media, stemming from the heart of grassroots communities to enable their stories to blossom into media content with meaning.

Whether you want to consume or co-create media. We are Community Media CIC. 

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We are Community Media CIC

We ensure all voices are heard equally.

We connect communities with the media and empower them to create their own content.

We teach a range of story-telling and enterprise skills so participants can experiment and express their voice in their preferred communication style whether this be offline or online.

We specialise in content creation training, including:


  • Digital story-telling through words, audio, visual and design
  • Vlogging
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Social Media
  • Basic website admin (SEO, Content writing and website building using templates)

We have a fully equipped content creators studio and podcasting booth in Wakefield City Centre.

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Community Journalism & Content Creator Training

We run projects online, in our Sparkle Studio, and within communities to engage, train and elevate a range of voices.

What does the training involve?

Empowering experts by lived experience to share their stories, collect and report on other stories from their communities in order to elevate authentic voices from a range of seldom-heard communities into the media.

We train groups of people in a range of multi-platform journalism and media skills utilising a range of digital equipment. Not only does this develop their media, digital, communication and journalism skills but it enables the team of trainee community reporters to acquire professional communication tools such as story-telling techniques, social media, marketing, and multi-platform media (blogs, vlogs, articles, podcasts, video, and photography).

This is a great way to produce content that resonates beyond participants’ own communities.  They have the opportunity to specialise in a skill and start their own enterprising idea/story with us.

These projects act as a form of expression, evaluation and create change beyond the project as we create professional ‘shareable’ content which has the opportunity to be published.

Podcasts, Photography & Video

Our audio and visual production training provides access to professional podcasting and radio equipment as well as industry opportunities. Our Photography and Video Production training which includes Documentary-making and Vlogging includes a range of unique skills to meet the need of the community as well as to serve as powerful evaluation tools.

  • Radio and Podcasting Projects
  • Video Production, Documentary-Making, and Vlogging
  • Photography and Photo-Journalism Projects

Journalism, Blogging & Writing

Learn to write for fiction and non-fiction, journalling for wellbeing and write online and print articles. 

Public Speaking, Presenting & Blogging

Deliver a pitch with a punch, your plan a TedX speech or learn to present to camera.

Create your own News Channel

Whether you’re wanting to create a newspaper, magazine, radio station, or TV Channel… We work with a range of grassroots organisations to create their own community media project. We can also provide our multi-purpose studio or a pop-up multi-platform media hub, perfect for events, groups, and special activities.

Not only can such projects serve as interactive team-building activities but they’re great ways to report on the event or activity you’re running and your organisation on going.

Our In-House Magazines

Helping organisations to invest in their community and uplevel their communications strategy with meaningful content which supports our social aim.

Impact Podcast

Turn your passion into a profit. Ensuring your enterprise makes an impact. This is Impact Podcast. 

Are you thinking about starting your dream business, or already pursuing a passion and need a helping hand?

This is Impact Podcast: Sharing inspiring stories from people who’ve been there and done it, valuable top tips you can use in your own business, shining a light on purpose-driven brands, and giving information and advice on the support available to help you make your passion a reality.

Brought to you by Sparkle Communications CIC in partnership with AD:VENTURE.

Impact Magazine

The leading voice for Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Content Creators who ‘do good.’

We promote good, to do more good.

News, views, funding and support issues.

We champion nonprofits, philanthropic organisations and leaders.

Sparkle Up North

 Your guide to the north. Discovering enchanting community events, the best places to go up north, and where to discover social media hotspots.

Tap into the heart of communities across the North of England by experiencing the best events, reading reviews, and most of all hearing stories.

Created by Sparkle Content Creators Collaborative.

Yorkshire Families Magazine

The Accessible Family Guide to Yorkshire: Discover What’s On, Where to Go, Eat, Visit, Stay and Play throughout our wonderful region.

Showcasing the diverse people, places, and events throughout Yorkshire and beyond.

Whether you’re heading for a day out, visiting God’s Own County from further afield or you’re in need of some free activities, we’re the one-stop shop for all of your needs. Regardless of age, ability, or interest we hope to inspire you to get involved with an activity.

Enabling all families to get active and explore the best of Yorkshire and beyond through our accessible community magazine.

Become a Community Journalist & Content Creator:

We equip you with the skills to become a community journalist on one of our many in-house publications as part of a community project.

Together we create multi-platform media content such as blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and magazines in the style of mainstream media from the heart of communities.

Create your own media with meaning:

Not only do we publish our content but we work with businesses, organisations, and the media industry, to create a range of media with impact for their target market.