PR & Content Creation

Ensuring your brand makes a mark in the media.


Struggling to tell your brand’s story which connects with your desired audience?  Want to get featured in the media to build your profile?

We help you to share your story, connect you with the media, and reach your audience with maximum impact. 

We create multi-platform content to build your brand online and offline as well as providing powerful PR services.

What can you do for me?

Sparkle Communications enables brands to communicate their story through the power of the media online and offline to reach their desired audiences and create global change.

A multi-platform approach to media coverage ensures your voice is heard beyond the scroll, connecting with your audience’s soul.

  • Content Writing: From writing your profiles and stories to blog posts and in-depth articles, all with a journalistic approach. We help you to write your media collateral, press releases, and media kits.
  • Video Production, Branded Content & Photography 
    We can create professional videos, documentaries, and photography. Enquire now.
  • Media Consultancy and Powerful PR Coaching: Bespoke training to holistically support your personal goals or your team’s mission to utilise the power of the media and your story.
    If you want to discover how to create your own content and DIY PR, head to our One-to-one Coaching & Training page now. 
  • Influencer Marketing: Connecting Brands with Influencers and media through our Sparkle Content Creators Network of nearly 800 Bloggers, Vloggers, and Social Media Stars.
  • Printing & Magazine Publishing:
    Whether you’re wanting a magazine made for your brand or marketing materials printed, go to our Community Media.
  • Digital Courses: Boss your Brand with our range of courses on demand.  Whether you want to build a YouTube channel, present videos, or learn the art of public speaking. Plus, How to get published as an Author, Start a blog, or boost your multi-platform digital confidence.

How Does It Work?

Everyone has a story to tell, but how do you tell it? How do you get featured in the media, press, on TV, and Radio… Oh and, of course, get coverage online?

These are important questions to ask at all stages of your business’ development. I help you use the power of the media – online and offline – to secure your brand’s future and to improve your reach way beyond the scroll hole of social media.

This is about maximum promotion, powerful content, reaching the right customers, and continuous impact through evergreen content and boosting your SEO, features in the press, on-air, in magazines and TV as well as on social media.

Get Featured in the Media Opportunities when you work with Sparkle Communications.
Connect your organisation with the media by creating journalistic content to build credibility and sustainable success.
Whatever your goal we evolve to elevate your enterprise every step of the way.
Creating commercially-compelling content from the heart.
Your custom contributes to our social aim to improve mental health through community media and wellbeing activities.

As Seen In


How can we best work together to achieve your desired outcomes?

I can offer flexible and bespoke ways of working together, from writing your story and newsletters to creating website copy, press releases, and blog posts.

From one-to-one coaching and group training sessions to cost-effective online courses to a membership community.

If you are wanting to build your brand, gain media coverage and maximise your credibility… Let’s create change, connecting your powerful story with the media so that your mission can make a difference.

How do I find out if we will work well together?

Email me now with your goals, the audience you want to serve, and where you’re at at the moment.

I can’t wait to get started on carving your story and creating your content so that you’re heard and can serve.

Email me at [email protected] or find me on social @TheSparkleCoach.

I am Sophie Mei Lan, a Content Writer, Media Coach, and an award-winning Journalist and Author.
Chief Story-telling Officer at Sparkle Communications aka @TheSparkleCoach.

I am here to help you write, tell and share your stories to build your authority and reach your desired audience.

Get featured in the Press, on TV, Radio, and across Digital platforms.

Making sure your mission changes minds, lives and is shared across media platforms to create a positive impact in the world while boosting your socially good business.