About Us

Are you so busy dealing with your vital work that you struggle to have time or resources to promote what you’re doing?

By communicating your message effectively you could serve more people, drive more revenue and make the biggest impact possible.

We create media content to be published across platforms and offer training to ensure that your mission makes an impact and is sustainable.

We want support you to make a positive difference in the world and to get your voice heard.


Community Media CIC:

Sourcing, soulfully curating and sharing seldom-heard stories to serve underrepresented audiences, utilising multi-platform media to create global change.

A world where people with mental health problems have the same opportunities as everyone else.

We elevate the voices of underrepresented communities to make them visible.

Sharing stories to transform lives, minds, and media…

Well-being is at the core of all we do.


– Creating media with meaning to drive positive social change (Sparkle Communications). 

– Ensuring all voices are heard equally (Community Media CIC).


Improving Mental Health through Community Media and Wellbeing activities.

  • Utilising multi-platform media to create a positive impact.
  • Sourcing, soulfully crafting seldom-heard stories to serve audiences from marginalised communities.
  • Training underrepresented communities to create their own content through Community Journalism & Content Creation initiatives.
  • Communicating an ethical brand’s core values through dynamic storytelling with journalistic flair to get their voice heard to desired audiences.
  • Providing accessible wellbeing services.


“I began as a community campaigner seeking social justice but I realised that I was only reaching those who already knew what I did and stood for. But after discovering a love of journalism and creating content, I realised that I could help more people do even better by learning to articulate my message in a way that people beyond my own community could understand.

“I set out as a journalist to change minds and lives through the media.

“It was during my decade of working locally and nationally as a multi-platform journalist when I discovered the plethora of philanthropic people that were already doing good things but struggled to articulate their story so that people beyond their current audience would listen.

“While I tried to support those I was in touch with by re-writing their stories so we could at least feature them in the press.  With the time pressures of a deadline-driven industry, it was hard to take the thorough approach they needed and deserved in order to be heard, not just in our publications but across media platforms including in their own content.

“With increasing pressures on editors and journalists to achieve targets, it meant that the stories that got published were those who already knew how to articulate their message in the media.

Many people who were busy changing the lives of those they already served however, felt  overwhelmed by also trying to share what they do.

“This divide grew during the Pandemic with increasing demands on the media and with the rise in demand for the services that such community organisations offer.

“That’s why Sparkle Communications (Community Media CIC) was born – a synergy between community voices and the media.”

Sparkle ensures that community organisations and those that ‘profit for good’ get their message out there in order to change more lives through the incredible work they already do.

Our profit goes towards supporting our community media and wellbeing initiatives.


Creatively connecting communities through creating professional multi-media content with wellbeing at our core.

  • Connection: Express yourself and Empathise with others.
  • Accessibility: Creating accessible activities and content.
  • Inclusivity: Where values are not just translated, they are at the heart of what we do thanks to the humans we work with.
  • Collaboration: Skill, story, and platform sharing.
  • Wellbeing: The core of wellbeing is connection.
  • Professionalism: Creating commercially-compelling content. Providing Substance with Sparkle.
  • Community: From the inside, out. Working from the heart.
  • Elevate: Championing unheard voices.
  • Educate: We can all learn and inspire one another.
  • Ethical: Consciously creating, innovating, and collaborating.


Creatively connecting communities through creating professional multi-media content with wellbeing at our core.

We are Sparkle Communications, offering Media Consultancy & PR services – Magazine Publishing, Content Creation, Influencer Marketing and Multi-Platform skills training.

Are you wanting to share your work with the world?

Connecting community organisations with the media, creating journalistic content to build credibility, training to share your story, and achieve sustainable success. Ensuring your mission makes a remarkable impact through the power of multi-platform media.